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 E-paper some. 0 And Fujitsu Possesses It In Color.

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E-paper some. 0 And Fujitsu Possesses It In Color. Empty
PostSubject: E-paper some. 0 And Fujitsu Possesses It In Color.   E-paper some. 0 And Fujitsu Possesses It In Color. I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2011 3:37 pm

Analysts at Fujitsu have upped the ante from the very competitive E-reader market by releasing a grouping of color E-readers in its new FLEPia line. These E-readers incorporate Fujitsu抯 innovative color e-paper and look to be the first inside of a new wave of color E-readers. This gives Fujitsu typically the technical lead over similar devices like the Kindle that are yet stuck back in the white or black era.
The announcement by Fujitsu happens the heels of the release of the new Kindle 2. 0 and it will probably be interesting to see the fact that folks from Amazon interact with the latest salvo inside an ever competitive battle for nothing not as much as the future of branded media.
燭hese new devices from Fujitsu are being tested as a point of sale (POS) terminal from the Termina Kinshicho Fujiya restaurant in Tokyo being a interactive menu. In addition to allowing diners to select their menu choices from tapping its sexy touchscreen, the device also gives patrons having access to train schedules, local weather, and other shopping online sites. It does this because of its wireless LAN association, all from the capability of their table, and many in living color. The gps unit is also thinner than many other E-readers like the Kindle and allows a larger screen in addition. Even though this is known as a small test with not many E-readers being used, as well as represent a great application for the technology and could be a signal of things to appear.
The E-readers from Fujitsu have been offered in two shapes and three colors: along with white pearl, pink pearl and silver. They are both an exceptionally slim 12 mm thick and have a clean and sorted look. The larger on the two (A4) has your letter sized display in addition to weighs about 480 gr. The slightly smaller (A5) type is letter sized plus weighs just 320 h. The display is a strong XGA quality that can handle 768 X 1024 not to mention either 8 or 4096 colors is usually chosen. Both of them sport an inside wireless LAN connection that enables them to connect to your local network for connection and downloading of subject material. The units incorporate the 4GB SD flash memory card to provide for nearby storage of content research the minimal storage requirements on most newspapers and magazines this absolutely should be enough space to stay you entertained for a long time. For navigation the E-reader boasts a compliment of 6 buttons as well as a scroll key on the bottom portion of the gadget, positioned for easy access or a touchscreen display. The items also support a UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS 2. 0 connection port combined with internal stereo speakers.
Fujitsu claims that a single charge of the battery will give 50 hours of operation. This is possible a result of the way that e-paper is effective. Unlike a standard LCD display screen, e-paper only requires capacity to initially draw the photo. Once the image is without a doubt displayed, there is no additional power instructed to sustain it. This is one factor that makes e-paper the perfect medium for ebooks since reading involves the display to a page of text that is static as well as dead reading the page, thereafter changes before another long period of rest as you look at next page. Another nice feature for the Fujitsu E-reader is so it incorporates a touchscreen showcase. This makes navigation rather easy and allows for further interactive menus and programs than relying on a scroll key and navigation buttons alone. These two features are actually what really sets it apart from other current E-readers and may are the next milestone for any Kindle to reach. Currently the retail with these new units is close to 3 times the sourcing cost of the new Kindle, but expect this to help you drop as more FLEPia units are purchased and production increases. For right now, the FLEPia unit looks that should be the king of the hill in the E-reader space, but be expecting others to challenge them soon.
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E-paper some. 0 And Fujitsu Possesses It In Color.
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