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 Quantum Lto-3 Data backup Tape Drive.

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Quantum Lto-3 Data backup Tape Drive. Empty
PostSubject: Quantum Lto-3 Data backup Tape Drive.   Quantum Lto-3 Data backup Tape Drive. I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2011 1:52 pm

Quantum LTO-3 HH tape drive is definitely internal half height (HH) drive. Model number of this high speed LTO-3 drive is TC-L32AX-BR and the color is black. Quantum now gives the 3 year rapid-exchange warranty now for the LTO3-HH drives. These cutting edge LTO-3 tape drives produce outstanding performance. Quantum LTO-3 HH hard drive is backward compatible. Quantum LTO-3 drive is more advantageous simply because it has the capability to post information to all from LTO-3 tapes with active of data accuracy. LTO-3 tape format matches your backup storage needs at a low priced price. This LTO-3 HH desire by manufactured by Quantum are able to write data on all of the
LTO-3 tape cartridges for example: C7973A HP LTO3 tapes, 183900 Maxell LTO-3 recorded argument, LTX400GWW Sony LTO-3 recorded argument, MR-L3MQN-01 Quantum LTO3 recorded argument etc.

LTO-3 Quantum drive can write data to the generation LTO-2 tapes like: Sony LTX200GWW LTO-2 recorded argument, 183850 Maxell LTO-2, HORSEPOWER LTO-2 C7972A tape, Fuji LTO2 data backup cartridge, Quantum MR-L2MQN-01 LTO2 recorded argument, Dell LTO-2 340-8701 records tape etc.

So far there is mentioned about the statistics writing ability of Quantum LTO3 push. When we talk within the data reading capability of such Quantum tape drives, they'll read data from most LTO3, LTO2 & LTO1 data backup tapes. Part numbers connected with some LTO backup tapes are mentioned below: C7971A HORSEPOWER LTO-1, LTX200GWW Sony LTO2 tapes, 183900 Maxell LTO3 recorded argument, C7972A, MR-L2MQN-01 Quantum LTO-2, D2405-LTO2, LTX100G LTO1, 26220001 Fuji LTO-2 Data backup Tape, 24R1922 IBM LTO 3, 16598 Imation LTO-2, TDK D2406-LTO3, 17532 LTO-3 recorded argument, Fuji LTO-1 tape, Maxell 183800 LTO1 recorded argument etc.

All of such LTO2, LTO-1 and LTO3 tapes deliver inexpensive results with the exceptionally durable LTO-3 HH Quantum desire. These LTO tape cartridges have already been carefully engineered and planned for greater durability, compatibility together with cost efficiency. LTO tapes are definitely advantageous as their taking capacity and transfer quickness doubles after data compression setting. This means that you will find a 100 percent increase in the capacity and transfer charge in compressed mode.

Receptive nature of LTO differentiates it from other strapping technologies. LTO tape抯 open makeup increases its scalability and will make it more advantageous. LTO-3 HH Quantum dr offers faster transfer speed of 245 GB/hr and may also store up to six hundred GB un-compressed data. Quantum LTO-3 HH stands out as the ideal tape drive for use on your data center as it truly is enables easy integration not to mention installation. LTO-3 drive means increased media reliability not to mention optimizes the output properties. Backward compatibility of that Quantum LTO-3 HH get secures your I. W not investments.

Cleaning cartridge adds something to the drive抯 useful lifestyle. Highly efficient Quantum LTO-3 HH offers superior compatibility is equally compatible exactly how following universal LTO washing cartridges: Maxell 183804 maintenance cartridge, HP C7978A, LTX-CL Sony, TDK D2404-CC, Quantum MR-LUCQN-01, 15931 Imation together with IBM 35L2086 cleaning cartridge . . ..

These LTO cleaning cartridges along with LTO data tapes are manufactured by the most trusted and also vastly experienced manufacturers regarding media storage products. LTO backup cartridges pick up longer useful life and likewise allow faster searching and additionally data recording/reading.
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Quantum Lto-3 Data backup Tape Drive.
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