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 Sony holds selling online exposure of your camera - T8 BROUGHT ABOUT Tubes - LED Lamps.

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PostSubject: Sony holds selling online exposure of your camera - T8 BROUGHT ABOUT Tubes - LED Lamps.   Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:58 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->Sony publicised this week, 5 8 Cyber-shot modelsProblems. The 8 models of dslr camera problems and just as last year, Sony recalled products are typically in digital camera take pictures or shoot during the state, its liquid crystal clear display or
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Viewfinder image appears distorted or no images within the situation. Sony free replacement unit CSony announcement, said the excess models of phenomena occurred breakdown products cited above from the date for this announcement, effective 5 ages, a number of occasions the CCD(Imaging devices) replaced at no cost. The situation does certainly not appear above the deterring parts replacement products may not be applicable to the cost-free service. If the corresponding type of the machine there suspected the above fails, you can specify the actual maintenance of network admission to free testing services. Clients can call 8008209000 telephone consultation, Sony customer provider working hours 9: 00 am-21: 00 (Mondays that will Saturdays), 9: 00-18: 00 (Sunday). With Sony recently released information, this 8 production time and quality of events 2009 of similar products, but each year later before Sony announced an absolutely free repair or replacement. Sony said the couple of batches of product terminology of materials used is not like the previous product quality problem with the plastic, and the even more products are usedTherefore, the very first Sony CCD at higher temperatures that ceramic humidity conditions but will not produce a corresponding quality problems, it couldn't include maintenance of your list in October 2009. A year later, Sony CCD ceramics uncovered quality problems also manifest. Online Shop where assist still visibleShanghai Oriental Day Post in Shanghai yesteryear also visited a large organ of the digital product sales sector. Metro City in Xujiahui, any reporter searched the resist products, digital cameras, have never seen the recall for 8 models. Sales staff said that these sorts of digital camera models, as a minimum two years. Then, reporters during the East Shopping Center, Portal Plaza and Pacific Digital Square, also found that eight different types of problems without sign of your camera. In Zhongshan Store, ParadiseSales staff also said that these sorts of cameras in the current market, has basically been "disappeared" the. Although the market has not yet found the problems using the camera, but it's Taobao and various Internet trading platform is organ of the problem to find models of Sony digital cameras are sold. A new Sony DSC-T1 costs 1, 250 yuan, with regards to DSC-F88 is relatively expensive, at 3, 700 yuan so that you can 4, 000 yuan. Reporter connected with an on-line seller, he said the provider did not know Sony launched a circular on 8 dslr camera. "If there is a problem, I may have numerous loss. " The seller said he bought below, "outdated models" who happen to be mostlyFamily, but also the older "aunts and uncles. " They are convinced Sony and reliable high quality, outdated models cost is high, "but this incident could make certain changes We are premium suppliers, our products which include T8 LED Tubes, CONTRIBUTED Bulbs for oversee new buyer. To know more, be sure to visits Dimmable LED Bulbs. <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Sony holds selling online exposure of your camera - T8 BROUGHT ABOUT Tubes - LED Lamps.
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